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CFIF seminar: Evolution of squeezed states under the Fock-Darwin Hamiltonian

on 26-01-2010

... Jaime Santos (Universidade do Minho)

Evolution of squeezed states under the Fock-Darwin Hamiltonian

Abstract: We develop a complete analytical description of the time evolution of squeezed states of a charged particle subjected to an harmonic force, a constant magnetic field and an arbitrary time-dependent electric field. We relate the evolution of a state-vector subjected to squeezing to that of state which is not subjected to squeezing and for which the time-evolution under the simple harmonic oscillator dynamics is known (e.g. an eigenstate of the Hamiltonian). A corresponding relation is also established for the Wigner functions of the states, in view of their utility in the analysis of cold-ion experiments
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XIX IMEKO World Congress

on 07-09-2009

... Durante o XIX IMEKO World Congress, terão lugar, na sala Fernão de Magalhães no Centro de Reuniões da FIL, na EXPO, a partir das 18.30 h
os seguintes seminários com acesso aberto a todos os interessados:
1 - Metrology Laboratory Management, Jorge C. Torres
2 - ADC Testing, Jan Saliga and Linus Michaeli
3 - Transducers Elastic Elements, Dan Stefanescu
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