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Unsupervised Learning: From Single Clustering to Ensemble Methods

on 09-04-2009

... Tutorial: Unsupervised Learning: From Single Clustering to Ensemble Methods

Presenter: Prof. Ana Fred

Date: April 9 2009, 13h-16h

Location: Room 11.26, 11th floor, North Tower, Instituto Superior Técnico

Topics addressed:
1. Basic Concepts of data clustering
1.1 Problem formulation
1.2 Taxonomies of Clustering Techniques
1.3. Difficulties and open problems
2. Clustering Algorithms
2.1 Hierarchical Methods (Single-link; Complete link; Dissimilarity Increments)
2.2 Partitional Methods (K-means; Spectral Clustering; EM Gaussian Mixture Decomposition)
3. Validation of Custering Solutions
3.1. Cluster Validity Measures
4. Clustering Ensemble Methods
4.1. Basic Formulation
4.2. Evidence Accumulation Clustering (EAC)
4.3. Multi-Criteria EAC
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Free MEMS Training

on 16-03-2009

... This 4-day course will be given by a combination of academic experts, industrial designers and software developers. It provides an overview of MEMS processing technologies and how to approach the design of MEMS devices, including concepts of micro-mechanics (accelerometer and gyroscope) microfluidics, etc. The emphasis throughout is to provide participants with hands-on experience. The course is primarily aimed at postgraduate students and researchers from European universities and research institutes who may participate free of charge (includes lunch, coffee breaks and documentation). Booking is made online at the website: More Information..