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Regular representations of uniform TC 0

on 03-03-2010

... Juha Kontine (U Helsinki, Finland).

Note exceptional week day and time.

March 3, 2010, Wednesday, 16h00m.

Abstract: The complexity class DLOGTIME-uniform AC0 is known to be a modest subclass of DLOGTIME-uniform TC0. The weakness of AC0 is due, put in logical terms, to the fact that the logics corresponding to AC0 do not have the relativization property and hence they are not regular. This weakness of AC0 has been elaborated in the line of research on the Crane Beach Conjecture. In this talk we show that DLOGTIME-uniform TC0 can be logically characterized in terms of quantifier logics with cardinality quantifiers FO{<}(C_S), where S is the range of some polynomial of degree at least two. Then we adapt the key properties of abstract logics to accomodate built-in relations and define the regular interior R-int(L) and regular closure R-cl(L), of a logic L. Finally we show that the Crane Beach Conjecture can be interpreted as a statement concerning the regular interior of a logic and that the regular closure of AC0 is TC0. Joint work with Lauri Hella and Kerkko Luosto.
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International Workshop on Antenna Technologies - iWAT 2010

on 01-03-2010

... The International Workshop on Antenna Technology – iWAT – is an annual event aiming at bringing together academia and industrial communities in a forum for fruitful exchange of information on the progress of research and development in innovative antenna technologies and in advanced artificial materials for antennas.

iWAT 2010 is organized by Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico – Technical University of Lisbon, co-sponsored by IEEE Portugal Section, and technically co- sponsored by IEEE AP-S, IET and the University of Liverpool.

It will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, 1-3 March, at IST Congress Centre. More Information..