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LxMLS2015 - Machine Learning School - Natural Language Understanding

on 16-07-2015

... LxMLS 2015 will take place July 16-23 at Instituto Superior Técnico, a leading Engineering and Science school in Portugal. It is organized jointly by IST, the Instituto de Telecomunicações and the Spoken Language Systems Lab – L2F of INESC-ID. Click here for information about past editions (LxMLS 2011, LxMLS 2012, LxMLS 2013, LxMLS 2014) and to watch the videos of the lectures (2011, 2012, 2013).

In our fifth edition, the topic of the school is Natural Language Understanding.

The school covers a range of machine learning (ML) Topics, from theory to practice, that are important in solving natural language processing (NLP) problems that arise in the analysis and use of Web data.
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Keysight 5G Workshop

on 15-07-2015

... Instituto de Telecomunicações – Aveiro is organizing an workshop devoted to the discussion of 5G by one of the major T&M companies (Keysight Technologies). The workshop is organized in collaboration with eNGN Technologies (PT representative of Keysight) and Aveiro’s MTT-S Student Branch.

Place: Amphitheater of Instituto de Telecomunicações - Aveiro

Date: July 20th, 2015

Telecommunications is an ever evolving field of research and innovation. Nowadays a matter of mainstream discussion and debate is “What will the next generation telecommunication network be?”. The network of the future, the next generation, 5G is an evolving concept being developed for the near future (year 2020). Different players have different views and different concepts.
Keysight Technologies, a major player in the test & measurement field, is presenting their view of future 5G networks next Monday (20th of July), as well as measurement and simulation requirements and how their products can help in project and development of products with applications in 5G.

9AM – 12AM – Hervé Oudin – Keysight 5G presentation
2PM – 4:30PM – Riccardo Giacometti – System Vue 5G Library

Details on presenters:
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