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UniLog'2010 - World Congress and School on Universal Logic, 3rd

on 18-04-2010

... In the same way that universal algebra is a general theory of
algebraic structures, universal logic is a general theory of logical
structures. During the 20th century, numerous logics have been
created: intuitionistic logic, deontic logic, many-valued logic,
relevant logic, linear logic, non monotonic logic, etc. Universal
logic is not a new logic, it is a way of unifying this multiplicity of
logics by developing general tools and concepts that can be applied to
all logics.

This is the third edition of a world event dedicated to universal
logic. This event is a combination of a school and a congress. The
school offers 21 tutorials on a wide range of subjects. The congress
will follow with invited and contributed talks organized in many
sessions, including 10 special thematic sessions, and a contest.


The event will take place in Monte Estoril at Hotel Estoril Eden.


The event is open to anyone interested, subject to a registration fee. More Information..

Macroscopic superposition in quantum information processing - Tomoyuki Morimae (U Lille)

on 05-03-2010

... March 5, 2010, Friday, 15h.
Location: Room P4.35, Post-Graduation Building, IST.

Abstract: Quantum properties of many-body states such as macroscopic superposition and large multipartite entanglement are essential resources for quantum information processing. In this talk, we study when and how macroscopic superposition appears in quantum many-body systems, such as a magnon system, quantum computers, and a quantum memory, and show that the emergence of such macroscopic superposition also causes large multipartite entanglement and low gate fidelity in the one-way quantum computation.

Quantum Computation and Information Seminar

Support: CAMGSD, CFIF, CFP and SQIG/IT with support from FCT and FEDER, namely via projects PTDC/EEA-TEL/103402/2008 QuantPrivTel and PTDC/EIA/67661/2006 QSec.
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