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Engineering Quantum Causes

on 17-05-2018

... Gerard Milburn, from the University of Queensland and Imperial College

Date & time: Thursday, May 17th, 17:00h
Location: Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Abreu Faro Amphitheatre, Interdisciplinary Building

Are cause and effect objective facts about the world? Many philosophers doubt it. Physicists ground causation objectively in terms of Lorentz invariance: a central feature of quantum field theory. Yet the pioneers of quantum mechanics lamented the demise of classical causality and the violation of various Bell-like inequalities raise new questions. Nonetheless,
advancing quantum communication technologies seek to exploit non classical quantum correlations to perform tasks impossible in a classical world. Quantum information theorists have recently discovered new quantum causal relations beyond Bell, yet the physical meaning of this discovery remains unclear. In this talk I will review some of the recent theories on classical and quantum causation and explain how ion trap quantum technologies might be used to engineer novel causal relations in a laboratory setting. More Information..

EIEC 2018 - XII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics

on 16-05-2018

... EIEC 2018

XII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics

16 to 18 May 2018, Coimbra, Portugal

The XII Iberian Meeting on Computational Electromagnetics will be held in Coimbra, from 16 to 18 May 2018. The venue chosen for this meeting is Quinta das Lágrimas. This meeting enables closer links and sharing information between Portuguese and Spanish research groups involved in applications of electromagnetism. In the spirit of facilitating the establishment of new collaborations between members of these different groups, this meeting promotes participation of all attendees through a close and familiar environment, with a highly specialized technical plenary session, allowing the groups to present the research lines currently under development and the most relevant results and state of the art in various fields covering the scope of the meeting.
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