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NextGen Mobility – Boosting the Future of Mobility

on 22-11-2023


On November 22nd, we will be hosting the "NextGen Mobility – Boosting the Future of Mobility" at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, in Aveiro.

Why should you participate in this event?

• Discover the NextGen Mobility Test Bed: Understand how the Test Bed can help you develop, test and validate products and services in the areas of mobility and road infrastructure.
• Value Networking: Opportunity to interact and connect directly with leading entities in the sector.
• Pitch Opportunity: Present the product you would like to innovate and develop in a pitch session with Brisa, A-to-Be, Altice Labs, Instituto de Telecommunicações, in Aveiro, and FI Group.

Secure your spot and discover how Test Bed NextGen Mobility can be the partner you need to accelerate your company.

The event is free, but registration is mandatory:

Pitch registration:

For more information about the NextGen Mobility Test Bed, you can visit the page:

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