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Winter School on RF Technology for Wireless Communications and Sensing

on 07-11-2022


This edition of Winter School on RF Technology for Wireless Communications and Sensing will take place from 7th to 9th of November at Meliá Hotel, in Aveiro city.

This will be a unique opportunity to listen to some of the foremost experts on three different topics: device technology and modeling, Machine Learning techniques for Microwave Automated Circuit Design, and Microwave Remote Sensing and Imaging.

The invited keynote speakers will present an overview of each topic and its significant scientific challenges. Thus, this winter school will be of excellent value to both initiates and experts in the area, so we are sure your time will be well spent attending it. On top of that, you can take the opportunity to visit one of the most emblematic Portuguese cities, known for its salty canals and traditional dishes.

There is a grant program for students/researchers that are not from Aveiro, Portugal. To apply for these grants you will have to send an email to with a list of your publications, a description of your MSc/Ph.D./Research work, and personal motivation to attend the winter school. The number of grants is limited.

The workshop will start with the welcome reception on the 7th of November at 12h followed by an excellent lunch with typical Portuguese food.

The biography notes for each speaker are presented below, and you may recognize them among the top world researchers in the radio frequency field, more specifically in the selected topics, each with significant knowledge to share.

Although this winter school is free, registration is mandatory. Please fill out the form below with the days that you will attend.

This Winter School is powered by Huawei Technologies, IEEE MTSS and University of Aveiro.

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