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Workshop on Autonomous and Connected Mobility

on 12-10-2022


On the 12th of October, at 16:00h, it will take place at the Atlas building in Aveiro, Portugal, a Workshop on Autonomous and Connected Mobility.

This workshop is organized within the scope of the European Ride2Autonomy Project, through which an autonomous bus is in operation in Aveiro this week, and the Aveiro Tech Week event (which takes place from the 10th to the 16th of October 2022).

Mobility is a crucial topic in the day-to-day discussion of the city and its citizens, and its constant evolution and adaptation are a necessity. This workshop will focus on the present and future of the municipality's projects in autonomous mobility (Ride2Autonomy, “Mobilizador Mobinov” and the new “Agenda PRR” in Autonomous Mobility Route25), and discuss the future of autonomous mobility and how its evolution represents a benefit for the citizens.

This workshop also aims to discuss the role of technology in the sustainable development of the city, focusing on the following aspects:
• Operators of the sensing, communication, and computing infrastructure.
• Regulators.
• Companies in the sector of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence for autonomous mobility, and communication technologies.

This workshop addresses municipalities and government entities, and companies linked to the mobility area - operators, infrastructure providers, and so on.

The workshop’s program includes the support of companies in the field of autonomous mobility, such as Navya and Capgemini.

The registration is limited to 60 participants that will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Attendance is free, but subject to previous registration by filling out the form:

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