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Seminar Evolutionary Robotics Moving Towards Real Hardware: the Robot Baby Project

on 26-05-2017

SPEAKER: A.E. (Gusz) Eiben, VU University Amsterdam, on May 26 at 14h30 at FCUL

As outlined in my recent paper [1], the field of evolutionary computing is entering a new phase as evolutionary algorithms that take place in hardware are developed, opening up new avenues towards autonomous machines that can adapt to their environment. In this talk I discuss a vision and a research programme about artificial evolution in physical, rather than digital, spaces. I outline the concept of EvoSphere, a robotic ecosystem that evolves in real space and real time and review on-going activities towards the first proof-of-concept implementation. I argue that constructing systems of self-reproducing machines will lead to a new, exciting mix of evolutionary computing, robotics, and artificial life with new challenges and opportunities

A.E. Eiben and J. Smith, From evolutionary computation to the evolution of things, Nature, 521:476-482, 2015

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