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Colloquium: The Legacy of Claude Shannon

on 13-12-2016


Claude Shannon (1916-2001), with his 1948 seminal article "A mathematical Theory of Communication" setting the general rules of contemporary information theory, laid the mathematical foundations for a technical revolution that we are currently enjoying. With his further work he brought deep theoretical insights and contributions for the convergence of computing and communications. This joint initiative of Centro Internacional de Matemática and Instituto de Telecomunicações, in collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico and other institutions, celebrates Shannon's legacy at the University of Lisbon on the occasion of his centenary.

Date and Place

Date: Tuesday 13 December 2016, at 16:00.
Place: Salão Nobre, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.


16:00 - Evoking Claude Shannon, José Francisco Rodrigues & Amí­lcar Sernadas
16:15 - The Shannon Machine, Daniel Graça
16:30 - Shannon and Digital Circuits, Arlindo Oliveira
16:45 - Telecommunications before and after Shannon, Carlos Salema
17:00 - Mathematics of Secrets and Quantum Cryptography, Yasser Omar
17:15 - Applications of Information Theory in Science and in Engineering, Mário Figueiredo
17:30 - Closure of the session.


Amí­lcar Sernadas (CMAF-CIO and IST, ULisboa), José Francisco Rodrigues (CIM, ACL and FC, ULisboa), Carlos Salema (IT, ACL and IST, ULisboa) and Yasser Omar (IT and IST, ULisboa).