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Seminar on Swarms of Aquatic Drones

on 04-07-2016


Radio Systems – Lisbon Group is organizing, in IT-Covilhã, a Seminar on Swarms of Aquatic Drones, on Monday (4th of July 2016).

There will be three speakers:

10:15 Susana Sargento, IT and Universidade de Aveiro, Communications between Aquatic Surface Vessels
Susana Sargento from University of Aveiro - founder of VENIAM company, which turns buses, cabs and other vehicles into WiFi hotspots (see a vehicular network in Porto) and builds city-scale vehicular networks that collect terabytes of urban data; she is the winner of prestigious 2016 EU Prize for Women Innovators.

10:45 Aleksandra Nadziejko, IT and UBI, Wireless Sensor Networking Applied to Swarms of Aquatic Drones
Aleksandra is an enthusiastic MSc student, whose research is on Hierarchical communications in Swarms of Aquatic Drones

12:00 Sancho Oliveira, IT and ISCTE-IUL, Evolutionary robotics: from simulation to real world experiments
Sancho Oliveira is from ISCTE-IUL Lisbon - founder of BioMachines Lab and OceanSwarm, which develop robotic systems composed of large numbers of inexpensive, autonomous surface drones.