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Palestra - “Traceabilty of medical measurements and calibration standardization for blood pressure measurement devices” pelo Prof. Sergio Rapuano da Universidade de Sanio, Itália

on 17-12-2013


17 de Dezembro pelas 17h30 na sala de reuniões do 11º Piso (sala 11.26)

Traceabilty of medical measurements and calibration standardization for blood pressure measurement devices.

The seminar will introduce the problem of traceability of medical measurements, from the point of view of the metrological terminology and practice, focusing on the efforts to provide internationally established standards for calibrating electronic, cuff-based, blood pressure measurement devices. First, the advantages of traceability and calibration will be introduced by referring to the International Vocabulary of Metrology. Then the main approaches to trace the medical measurements will be summarized. Finally, the main standards available for calibrating cuff-based electronic devices for blood pressure measurement will be introduced and their similarities and differences will be highlighted.

SERGIO RAPUANO achieved the MS degree in Electronic Engineering with honors and the PhD degree in Computer Science, Applied Electromagnetism and Telecommunications from University of Salerno, Italy. In 2002 he joined the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Sannio, where he currently is Associate Professor of Electric and Electronic Measurement. He is senior member of the IEEE and member of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, the IEEE Standards Association, the IMEKO TC-13 "Measurements in Biology and Medicine", the Italian Society of Electric and Electronic Measurement (GMEE). In particular, within the Instrumentation and Measurement Society he is: Chapter Chair Liaison Officer, member of the “Waveform Generation, Measurement and Analysis” Technical Committee (TC-10), participating to the revision of IEEE 1241 and 1057 standards as well as the preparation of the standard IEEE 1658; chairman of the TC-10 subcommitee on jitter measurement; secretary of the working group on E-tools for Education in Instrumentation and Measurement formed within the Technical Committee on “Education for Instrumentation and Measurement” (TC-23); co-chairman/official reporter of the Subcommittee on Objective Blood Pressure Measurement formed within the Technical Committee on “Medical and Biological Measurements” (TC-25), participating to the development of the IEEE P1721 “Standard for Objective Measurement of Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure in Humans”. He also was general co-chairman or technical co-chairman of several IEEE conferences. Within the IMEKO he also is general co-chairman of the next IMEKO TC-4 Symposium 2014. Within the GMEE he is chairman of the Education Committee. He is member of the Doctoral Board of the Ph.D. course in Bioinformatics. He was Guest Editor of the journals “Computer Standards and Interfaces”, “Measurement” and “IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. He participated to the organisation of several international conferences in the field of Electronic Measurements. He has published more than 150 papers in international journals and national and international conference proceedings. In 2008 he received from the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society the Outstanding Young Engineer Award.

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