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Seminar - Implementation of quantum logic gates by electron scattering in graphene nanoribbons

on 07-05-2013


Guillermo Cordourier-Maruri, University College London

07/05/2013, 15:00

Joint seminar with CFIF. Please note exceptional day. Room to be confirmed. * * *

To create a useful quantum information process we always have to deal with the demons of decoherence and a highly demanding control. An answer to reduce the control needed in the qubits interaction is the use of scattering of one flying qubit with a static qubit. In a solid state scenario, the experimental development of quantum electron optics allows to manipulate the path of just one electron in a ballistic regime. In this way, the flying qubit can be implemented with a ballistic electron spin, and the static one with a magnetic impurity or a quantum dot spin. In this talk we discuss the very interesting advantages and the different disadvantages of this proposal. Then we show how the extraordinary properties of graphene, in particular the Klein tunnelling, could overcome this problems and help to implement low-error two-qubit logic gates.

Quantum Computation and Information Seminar

Support: Phys-Info (IT), SQIG (IT), CFIF and CAMGSD, with support from FCT, FEDER and EU FP7, namely via projects PTDC/EEA-TEL/103402/2008 QuantPrivTel, PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2011 and Landauer (GA 318287).

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