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Talk - Opportunities at the interface between quantum (nano) physics and biology

on 18-04-2013


Alipasha Vaziri, University of Vienna

18/04/2013, 15:00 ­ Room P3.10, Mathematics Building, IST.

In this talk I will present and discuss a few recent biophysics methodologies that have opened up the way to study a series of new biological questions ranging to single molecule studies to control of read out of neuronal network activity. The topics will include amongst others such-super resolution microscopy, single molecule techniques and optogenetics. I will introduce the basics of the methods followed by case examples of their application in specific biological or biophysical questions. In addition I will point out to a few recent developments a physics based approach to biological questions has led to the discovery of new principles that are now leading to the new field of quantum biology, where non-trivial quantum effects such as quantum coherence are thought to be generated through dynamic interactions with relevance for biological function.

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