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ORCID identifier


ORCID ID   (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identifier is an unique ID associated to a researcher and his work, which helps circumventing known difficulties with author's name disambiguation that cause confusion with work credits.

The ORCID ID is adopted by numerous publishers, allowing authors to input it during the article submission process. Major bibliographic databases also have adopted the ORCID ID, allowing reliable automatic metadata workflows between different data bases. Therefore, a link to the researcher ORCID profile will generally appear next to the author's name across different platforms, thus providing greater visibility to his research history.

Instituto de Telecomunicações has integrated its database with the ORCID API, allowing to two-way sync metadata between both databases. This alleviates the burden of IT researchers to keep the institutional database updated. They just have to login to the IT web system and authorize IT to act on their behalf to sync metadata using ORCID-verified tools. Instructions are available at the intranet help.

If you do not have an ORCID ID you can register at