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Issue 62 - March 2018 -  • Winter school in IT promotes a renewed perspective on 5G and beyond:/ IT researchers win the IFIP-NTMS 2018 Best Paper Award:/ IT collaborates in the development of the new generation of interactive television:/ NVIDIA helps IT to listen to your heart:/ Where are you now? Maria Fátima Domingues

Issue 61 - February 2018 -  Winter school in IT promotes a renewed perspective on 5G and beyond:/ IT researchers win the IFIP-NTMS 2018 Best Paper Award:/ IT collaborates in the development of the new generation of interactive television:/ NVIDIA helps IT to listen to your heart:/ Where are you now? Maria Fátima Domingues

Issue 60 - January 2018 -  IT and UA coordinate initiative to increase Radioastronomy knowledge in the PALOP:/ Octavian Postolache nominated Outstanding Reviewer of the IEEE TIM for the second time:/ COMPRESS: All Optical Data Compression:/ HIPOF: Paving the way for high capacity POF based communication systems:/ Where are you now? Hugo Plácido da Silva


Issue 59 - December 2017 -  IT wins all the awards at the XI Congresso Português da URSI 2017:/ Verónica Orvalho on the 40 Woman in Emerging Tech list:/ Quantum Computing before Democritus:/ TailorPhy: Smart Sensors and Tailored Environments for Physiotherapy:/ Where are you now? Filipa Prudêncio

Issue 58 - November 2017 -  BITalino wins a Innovation Radar Prize:/SmartHeart connects BITalino directly to the Cloud:/VR2Market – Towards a Mobile Wearable Health Surveillance Monitoring Product for First Response and other Hazardous Professions:/Space´s next big thing is really small:/Where are you now? Paulo Rocha

Issue 57 - October 2017 - IT celebrates 25 years with a proof of vitality:/IT 25 years: Remembering the past and projecting the future of telecommunications:/IT demonstrators in Techdays Aveiro 2017

Issue 56 - September 2017 - André Martins wins a €1.4 million ERC Starting Grant:/ BITalino on the top 10 list to win the Innovation Radar Prize:/ FutPON: enabling Future Passive Optical Networks:/ IT in the Portuguese team that will help build SKA:/ Where are you now? Artur Ferreira

Issue 55 - July/August 2017 - Carlos Ribeiro develops a wireless technology with zero delay:/LxMLS 2017, the edition that broke all the records:/CrackIT-LF: Automatic detection and characterization of road distresses in images of flexible road pavements:/IT and IEETA built a radar that captures our breathing from a distance:/Where are you now? Nuno Pombo

Issue 54 - June 2017 - Caroline Conti is the winner of the IBM Science Award:/ Paper by IT researchers on the top-10 most downloaded of the IEEE Signal Processing Letters:/ Emerging image technologies towards improved visual representations:/ A playground for experimenting the 5G:/ Where are you now? Márcio Melo

Issue 53 - May 2017 -  Biostirling is ready to “feed” SKA:/A “Dark-Sky” to brighten Portugal´s center region:/CloudSIM Plus: A modern and full-featured tool for cloud computing simulation:/The ISTsat-1 is closer to being launched:/Where are you now? Arlindo Veiga

Issue 52 - April 2017 - Susana Sargento designated by the Portuguese Government to coordinate the INCoDe.2030:/ Rui Aguiar on the IA Board of the 5G Public Private Partnership:/ HETCOP: Joint cooperative and cognitive strategies for heterogenous wireless systems:/ Following Tesla towards a wireless future:/ Where are you now? Miguel Pereira
Issue 51 - March 2017 - Fernando Pereira elected Vice-President of the IEEE Signal Processing Society:/ BioSPPY toolbox simplifies access to BITalino logged data:/IT and Holografika: Cooperative research on Light Field Compression:/A quantum insight into networks:/Where are you now? Wael Dghais
Issue 50 - February 2017  - MyDidimo wins VR/AI challenge at NY:/ José Carlos Pedro is the new Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions MTT:/ IT and BITalino on “The scientific revolution beyond the lab”:/ Minister Manuel Heitor visited IT in Aveiro:/ Where are you now? Asal Kiazadeh
Issue 49 - January 2017 -  A technology that can hear cancer cells:/ Two more IEEE Distinguished Lecturers from I:/ Project Snapshot: High-Speed Visible Communications Demonstrator:/ Looking beyond with Earth´s great green eye:/ Where are you now? Hao Hongxing

Issue 48 - December 2016  - José Bioucas elevated to IEEE Fellow:/ Rui Aguiar is the new NetWorld2020 SB Chairman:/Project Snapshot: Forensic Box for Quick Network-Based Security Assessments:/A low-cost wheelchair for the “locked-in”:/ Where are you now? Mohsen Koohestani

Issue 47 - November 2016 - Best Collaboration Award with Huawei:/Antenna designed at IT is in the Antenna Magus data base:/Project Snapshot: Health Kiosk: The ATM of primary healthcare:/Clawing our way through transhumanism:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/Where are you now? Hoang Van Xiem

Issue 46 - October 2016 -  IT on the largest national technology showcase:/ What do cows, emotions, fasihon and fetal cardiology have in common?:/ IT demonstrator in Techdays Aveiro 2016

Issue 45 - September 2016 - Paraíba is officially Digiscope ready!:/ Mário Figueiredo´s hat-trick as a Highly Cited Researcher:/ Project Snapshot: CardioID places your heart in your hands:/ IT project promises a huge boost on communications energy efficiency :/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/ Where are you now? Nelson Francisco

Issue 44 - July/August 2016 - SWING: An innovative mechanism that improves wireless network´s security:/ Better, cheaper and greener OPV cells:/ Project Snapshot: S-DiaSelMan - Smart Diabetes Self-Management Care:/ Seeing through your ears!:/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/ Where are you now? Hamed Hasani

Issue 43 - June/2016 - José Carlos Pedro wins the IEEE MTT-S Distinguished Educator Award:/IT project receives approval from Programme Pessoa:/Project Snapshot: STMImage: Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy Image Processing Tools:/QUIS-CAMPI: Looking into the future of surveillance systems:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/Where are you now? Michal Kubinyi

Issue 42 - May/2016 - IT researchers develop a simulator to improve auscultation skills:/ Nuno Carvalho joins Belgium FWO Expert Panels:/ Project Snapshot: ICSI Project: A5 motorway field trials:/ Metamaterial superemitter outshines Planck´s black body:/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/ Where are you now? Filipe Wiener Carvalho
Issue 41 - March/April/2016 - Susana Sargento wins the EU prize for women innovators:/IT researcher nominated as JPEG Requirements Chair:/Project Snapshot: A new approach on secure communications on vehicle networks:/New algorithms for better images:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/Where are you now? Danillo Graziosi

Issue 40 - February/2016 - IT team distinguished by Huawei Technologies :/  Exemplary Reviewer Award 2015 to Francisco Monteiro :/ Project Snapshot: How confidential is the information kept in your mobile phone? :/ IT demonstrated a field-trial of a next-generation user optical access network / Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT :/ Where are you now? Luís Borges



Issue 39 - December/2015 - Distinguished in 2015 Research Grant to Diogo Ribeiro, from IT in Aveiro:/ Project Snapshot: Cancersys: detecting the origin to avoid the progress of cancer:/On the way to a smart city:/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/ Where are you now? Rafal Glogowski

Issue 38 - November/2015 - Researchers from IT designed a light trapping device and published in Nature Communications:/Two more IET Fellows at IT this year:/Project Snapshot: BEACON: Photonics for Telecom Satellites:/PAPETS can make you smell vibrations:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/Where are you now? Sérgio Pires

Issue 37 - Sep/Oct 2015  - ConfTele: what changed this year?:/ Two “Highly Cited researchers 2015” are Snapshot: Solar om IT:/ Project energy can come in many different ways:/ 2015 Applied Networking Research Prize to João Luís Sobrinho:/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/ Where are you now? Sara Candeias

Issue 36 - Jul/Aug 2015 - LxMLS – new faces, same success:/Ciência Viva at IT - how to make students work on holidays with smiles on their faces!:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT: When speed is not an issue...:/ Two well-deserved awards:/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT:/Where are you now? Luka Kufrin

Issue 35 - June 2015 - NVIDIA grants the “GPU Research Center” distinction to IT research Lab in Coimbra; :/ Ordem dos Engenheiros awards researchers from IT; :/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Is this team closer to the origin of rheumatic diseases? :/ New books co-authored by IT researchers :/ Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT :/ Where are you now? Eduardo Rocha 

Issue 34 - May 2015 - They’ll know the secrets of your heart:/1st “Professor Abreu Faro Award” to researcher from IT:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT LITES - Led-based intelligent street lighting for energy saving:/Making IT web system easier for users!:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT

Issue 33 - February 2015 - Starting-up and spinning-off from IT:/2015 ANRP - Applied Networking Research Prize:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT NG-PON2 - Next-Generation Passive optical networks, Stage-2:/New books co-authored by IT researchers:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT



Issue 32 - December 2014 - (Almost) Unlimited bandwidth, the 20 Tbit/s Passive Optical Network:/“University of Beira Interior has awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to Prof Carlos Salema:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT SHOWnet: Soft HandOver For Wi-fi Networks:/Two new IEEE Fellows from IT:/PhDs hosted by IT

Issue 31 - July/August 2014 - On the evaluation of research units:/“Mário Figueiredo in Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers List 2014:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT EHR PHYSIO – Electronic Health Records: Needs, Requirements and Barriers for its Adoption in Physiotherapy:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT

Issue 30 - May/June 2014 - Minister of Education and Science and Secretary of State of Science visited IT:/“Ciência Viva no Laboratório” IT involved with two training initiatives in Lisbon:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT GreenEyes – Networked Energy-Aware Visual Analytics:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT

Issue 29 - Mar/April 2014 - ENgAGE-SKA and ORCIP proposals from IT approved for the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT NOVO-Non-volatile polymer memories for flexible electronics:/SAAS: Remote Piloted Semi-Autonomous Aerial Surveillance System Using Terrestrial Wireless Networks

Issue 28 - February 2014 - Payments by instalments versus funding by instalments:/IT researcher is a top «bet» for 2014:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT iONE-FP7: Implantable Organic Nano-Electronics:/Photon-Pair Generation in Chalcogenide Glass: Role of Waveguide Linear Absorption

Issue 27 - Dec.13/Jan.14 - The most outstanding paper reporting original work published in any IEEE archival publications IEEE WALTER R. G. BAKER AWARD 2013:/FCT Exploratory Research Projects IT had eight proposals approved in the 2013 Call:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT RFID-Local: Advanced Antennas for Radio Frequency Identification and Localization:/The See-Through System: a wireless system that improves drivers safety



Issue 26 - November 2013 - IT in the Steering Board of the European Technology Platform (ETP) for Future Mobile Communications:/Once upon a time... Science for story lovers:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT Self-similarity and entropy of ECG signals in the recognition of cardiac disturbances:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT — Self-similarity and entropy of ECG signals in the recognition of cardiac disturbances:/The pre-construction of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) kicks-off in the UK:/Latest concluded PhDs hosted by IT

Issue 25 - October 2013 - BITalino: biosignals for everyone:/PAPETS FP7 project kicks-off at IT:/PROJECT SNAPSHOT SARMonitor: Civil Traffic Monitoring using Synthetic Aperture Radar:/Instituto de Telecomunicações at the 2013 Researchers Night event

Issue 24 - September 2013 - GaN Circuit from IT is already in space:/ Book “O Diabo no Mundo Quântico by Luis Alcácer:/ Achievements from the Mobile Systems research group at IT in Aveiro:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT TRANSFIBRA

Issue 23 - July/August 2013 - VITALIDI distinguished with several international and national awards:/New COST Action: Architectures, Algorithms and Platforms for Enhanced Living Environments:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT T GNSS Monitoring Station.

Issue 22 - June 2013 - Snapshot at Conftele2013:/ Student Chapter from OSA:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT AIDA - Automated P-Cell Generation base on Multi-Objective Optimization and Pareto Optimal Frnt Circuit Level Characterization.

Issue 21 - May 2013 - ISI Journal papers from IT gather plus 1000 ISI citations during 2012:/ On light: Optical Social Network:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT CellNote Touch: Touch-based Annotation of Cellular Images:/ NOISYRIS - Synthesis of Noisy Iris Images for Biometric Recognition

Issue 20 - March 2013 - IEEE Graduate Fellowship award to IT researcher:/ VENIAM wins the 3rd Building Global Inno-vators Venture Competition:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT KeMANDE - KERNEL METHOD APPLIED TO NON DESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION:/PAIRUE: design of a biometric iden-tification system for uncontrolled data acquisition scenarios

Issue 19 - February 2013 - How successful is IT in raising competitive projects?:/ Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs) for increased Si-photovoltaic cells output:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT 3D VIVANT - LIVE IMMERSE VIDEO-AUDIO INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA:/New books co-authored by IT researchers



Issue 18 - December 2012 - Wrap-up of the 20th anniversary commemorations of IT:/ The RFMLI project was launched Thermal Blanket with Low RF Reflectivity:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT FIVER - fully-converged quintuple-play integrated optical-wireless access architectures:/Ten years of IT webpage information management system

Issue 17 - November 2012 - IT researchers win the grand prize award at the 8th edition of Concurso Nacional de Inovação BES:/ PROJECT SNAPSHOT OPPORTUNISTIC-CR Opportunistic Aggregation of Spectrum and Cognitive Radios: Consequences on Public Policies:/ More awards for IT at the 6th Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI 2012

Issue 16 - October 2012 - ANA selects IT project to investigate GPS failures at Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro:/ The FP7 project "Landauer" takes off:/ Project Snapshot Vital Responer: Monitoring Stress in First Responder Professionals:/ News update on th SKA project: Spain and Portugal stand out as an example of the cooperation EU-Africa

Issue 15 - September 2012 - Lisbon Machine learning School 2012:/ Project Snapshot Spatially confined RFID detection with a metamaterial grid

Issue 14 - July/August 2012 - IBM Scientific Award 2011 won by IT researcher/ Prize at the "IMS 2012 Syudent SDR and DSP Design Competition/ Prototyping services at Instituto de Telecomunicações / Project snapshot: Biocellulose fo electronics

Issue 13 - June 2012 - IT reaches h-index 52 in ISI Wos journal paper citations/ Project snapshot - DRIVE-IN - Content delivered to your car / Workshop "The Power Challenges of Mega-Science Infra-structures: the example of SKA/ About 1600 high-school students visited IT labs in Lisbon throughout 2011/2012

Issue 12 - April 2012 - Instituto de Telecomunicações turns 20:/ BUILT-IN - a spin-off from IT:/ Project Snapshot - LIFEisGAME:/ New building for IT in the Aveiro site.

Issue 11 - March 2012 - Secretary of State visits IT / Visit of the advisory committee / Project snapshot: VITAL-ID your heart is the key / Winter school - Internet of Things / Awards


Before 2012

Issue 10 - April 2010 EUROCON2011 joint with conftele2011 / it has a seat on SKA / Surfaceslab / Awards / IEEE Fellow
Issue 9 - January 2009 conftele2009 / Research Highlights 2002-2007 / GEM / Awards / Final Workshop Crossnet
Issue 8 - January 2008 Happy New 2008 / Christmas Dinner 2007 / IT key indicators / Awards / IT-Critical Partnership
Issue 7 - June2007 Conftele´2007 / IEEE-ISCC 2007 / FPC 2006 1st Prize / GIM Recent Activity

Issue 6 - March2007 New year, new life / Ready? Get set ... conftele2007 / Renewed IT website / IEEE Fellow / GROWing news / I-Grament / ILASH

Issue 5 - October2006 conftele2007/ Welcome IMEKO 2009 / Nobel Prize in Physics and ... IT / IT researcher wins IAPR Best Paper Award / IT Workshop in Aveiro
Issue 4 - July 2006 Structural monitoring / MTPT 2006 / 2006 IEEE William Bennett Prize / Who wants to try MEMS?
Issue 3 - April 2006 Carnegie Mellon and IT / Plastic Electronics is on the way / Attenuation in Vegetation / INMMiC 2006 Workshop / 2005 - The book and book chapter year

Issue 2 - January 2006 Message from the President / Scientific Production @ IT / IT Researcher Wins Award / Si and SiGe ICs at Academic Prices

Issue 1 - October 2005 We have a new image / Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring in Mobile Communications / Daidalos / Rope / ICT2006 / INMMIC2006